D1 Mode One
When it comes to creating a functional and aesthetic bathroom, every centimeter counts. D1 Mode One fits into any space without compromising style, design, or functionality, thanks to its wide range of adaptation. It allows you to comfortably correct uneven in walls and floors, adapting perfectly to the the bathroom configuration, greatly facilitating the assembly process.

Technical characteristics

  • Reversible.
  • Standard height of 2,000 mm.
  • Adjustment range of up to -50 mm.
  • Secured glass of 6 mm in the fixed panel and 6 mm in the door.
  • Minimalist 26 mm wall profiles.
  • Overlap between doors from 40 to 90 mm, depending on the size of the screen.
  • Door opening by means of a minimalist handle.
  • Removable lower guide piece for easy cleaning.
  • Magnetic lock.
  • Without bottom guide.
  • Closed upper guide, design and greater safety.
AESTHETIC: Elegant and modern look to complement any bathroom style.

ADAPTABILITY OF -50 MM: Allows to save the unevenness of floors and walls, adjusting the screen perfectly to the available space, without having to manipulate or cut the upper guide.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: 100% national manufacture, with national and Central European components that guarantee robustness, safety and resistance to wear and corrosion. Estimated useful life of 25 years.

EASY INSTALLATION: As it is a reversible product, it can be installed with the fixed segment on the right or on the left. The compensation of the upper profile facilitates the installation of the screen, minimises errors and saves installation time.

EASE CLEANING: Removable part in the lower guide to free the door from the fixed segment and facilitate the cleaning of the inside of the glass panels.

72H EXPRESS MANUFACTURING: Quality in record time, express manufacturing makes the difference during a bathroom renovation.