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PROPERTY AND TERMS OF USE: The text, pictures, sound, video, interactive web-design, graphic design, general or special information and other contents of this web site are property of DUSCHOLUX IBÉRICA, S.A. or companies which have authorised Duscholux Ibérica, SA the use of them. All logos, trademarks and industrial designs displayed on this website are part of the industrial trademark rights of Duscholux Ibérica, SA and any form of reproduction, distribution, public communication without the express permission of Duscholux Ibérica, SA is prohibited. The disclosure, use, transmission, distribution, reproduction and transformation, of the whole or part of the contents of this website, in any form or by any medium, without the consent of Duscholux Ibérica, SA is prohibited. With the exception, when there is unless indicated or for personal use which does not infringe the granted rights of Duscholux Ibérica, SA or imply any user license. It is strictly prohibited its use for commercial, promotional or other proposes which are contrary to the law, the morality or the public order and could harm the interests or the image of the legitimate holder or third parties, as well their distribution, modification, alteration or decompilation.

The modification of the originals in this website, the reproduction, public display, presentation, distribution or any other use of the contents for any commercial or public purpose, without the express authorization of Duscholux Ibérica, SA, in writing form for certain materials, are not allowed. Regarding the terms of use, the utilization of these materials in any other website or network environment is prohibited. The user authorization of this website will be automatically terminate, if some of this terms are violated. The information must be immediately destroyed, as well as any downloaded or printed information of this website.

EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY Duscholux Ibérica, SA does not warrant that the information on this website is correct, updated, or complete. This website may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors.

Disclaimer: Duscholux Ibérica, SA does not assumes any responsibility (and expressly disclaims responsibility) for the updating of the contents of this website or that the published information is accurate or complete. Therefore, the user must confirm that the information published is accurate and complete before making any decision related to any services, products or other matters described in this site.
Duscholux Ibérica, SA does not assumes any liability for damages caused to the user by the lack of availability, operation and/or elements, information, services, content, etc. and the lack of truth or accuracy of any of them, as well as damages suffer through internet accessible spaces, including websites, etc. via hyperlinks or links provided on this website.

USERNAME AND PASSWORD. If any page of this website requires the use of passwords, you will be responsible for protecting against unauthorized uses and disclosures. Any use of this website using your name and password will be your responsibility. In case of any unauthorized use or disclosure of you password you must immediately inform Duscholux Ibérica, SA. The user can only choose as passwords, keywords, numbers or combinations of both that are not contrary to law, morality or the public order. The use of passwords which violates intellectual property, or match or be similar to corporate or advertising slogans, without the express authorisation of the holders, is prohibited. The damages suffered by the user, or coused by them to a third, as a result of using access codes and passwords that violate the indicated terms of use shall be the whole responsability of the user.

LINKS TO OTHER WEBSITES: Links on this website have been established only as a convenience to the user. If you use these links, you will leave this website. Duscholux Ibérica, SA has not reviewed all third party websites, and do not control and is not responsible for them or their content. Consequently, Duscholux Ibérica, SA., does not support or make any comments about such websites or any information, software or other products or materials contained therein, or any results that may be achieved using them. The user is solely responsible if they decide to access any third party website linked to this website.

CHANGES AND UPDATES: Duscholux Ibérica, SA reserves the right to make unannounced changes it deems appropriate in its website. The content and provided services, could be change, remove or add, as well as the way which they are presented or located on the website.

TRANSLATIONS: The text of this website is available in different languages. The text can be translated by a person or by a software program without human intervention or review. These translations are provided for your convenience and Duscholux Ibérica, SA does not guarantee that the translation is accurate or complete, whether it is an automatic translation or if a person has done it.

APPLICABLE LAW AND FORUM: Duscholux Ibérica, SA will pursue the non-compliance of the above described user conditions and any misuse of these website, exercising its legal right.

To resolve any questions about the use of this site or its contents shall be governed and construed in accordance with these Terms of Use, Legal Notice and the Spanish government law, subjecting the parties, unless a law does not permit, to the Court and Tribunals of Barcelona. All the parts expressly disclaim any other forum that may apply under your location.
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